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Bottled Water Testing With Your Lishtot Device

Many bottles containing mineral, distilled, or other potable water are made from the same materials used in plastic cups (PET, PP). We are often asked if one can test water while it is still in its unopened bottle. The answer is generally yes, but there are some issues that must be considered.

  1. One cannot test water in a glass bottle, as glass itself does not give enough signal to give a blue light with the TestDrop Pro. Additionally, we have discovered that the organic chemical added to many glass bottles to strengthen them during production (and is totally safe to drink) interferes with measurements performed in PP and similar cups. So testing water in or from a glass bottle may not work.
  2. Testing water in plastic bottles requires a head of air. Please see the video below as how to test a mineral water bottle. The same is true for distilled water clear plastic bottles and the like. There are some plastics that simply do not work with the Lishtot devices. Most do, but a red light might be related more to the type of plastic used in the bottle than in the quality of water inside the bottle.
  3. One can always pour water from a mineral water bottle into a cup and test as shown in our other videos on this site. Mineral water sitting in a half-full bottle can go off more quickly than tap water due to a lack of chlorine or similar antimicrobial agents. What's in the air above your water is in your water.