Lishtot – TestPipe – Real time water quality monitoring

TestPipe Features

stand alone

24/7 Monitoring

battery powered

Dose Sensitive

Testing frequency up to 1 minute

WIFI connectivity

Sensitive to all the common pollutions

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The TestPipe is a screening system and not an analytical tool. The TestPipe will alert a system manager or homeowner in case the water quality has changed from its normal high-quality condition.

TestPipe is being introduced to a market that is broken. Most water is never tested, and what testing occurs is infrequent and at a location far from users’ taps. Tests for E. coli or specific potential contaminants ignore that hundreds of potential contaminants that alone or together could be in water and dangerous to consumers. There is no water screen today, and much of water testing is wholly unnecessary as the baseline water is clean and does not need the standard battery of (expensive) tests. TestPipe will revolutionize how, where, and how often water is tested and will give consumers a safer product that is monitored throughout its production and distribution.