Lishtot - Water Quality Data

The Water Info Revolution

In the future, we will know our water quality before the first sip. In the future, we will the real-time water quality anywhere in the world. In the future, we will know about any water pollution event as it happens, and we will be able to alert others to it immediately. At Lishtot we believe that the water quality data should be produced by the water users and not by the water producers. The world is becoming more and more connected. You can find today's online information about almost anything, from real-time air quality, traffic conditions, and even bus locations and arrival times. Such real-time information improves our lives dramatically. The main reason why you cannot find real-time global water information is that the sensors did not exist--until now. Lishtot has developed the perfect sensor for building an online, real-time water quality map - rapid, reusable, and low-cost water quality sensors! Water quality will become one more of our daily real-time data available on demand.. In Lishtot's vision, the combination of handheld devices with fixed real-time sensors will build the most comprehensive map and will allow people to make wiser decisions regarding their water in real-time.

What Lishtot does with the data?


We help decision-makers and stakeholders, from government to industry, understand real-time and past, water quality in their respective regions. This allows them to spot trends and more effectively do their jobs.


We help customers from specific areas to compare to one another in real time, enabling them to discover when and where there are water quality problems.


Every bit of data we collect from our customers helps us strengthen our technology, including allowing us to update your product to your specific water type based on geography, water source, and other factors.

Why Lishtot's water map is so important?

Today, the world's population is entirely dependent on their water providers to test and ensure the quality of their water. But there is an inherent problem with the utilities' tests - the water utilities have a strong interest that the customers will be happy with the water that they are produced so they have a strong bias to fake the testing results.

According to the Guardian third of the American cities are faking their water tests. We all know situations like Flint, Michigan where the utilities were not transparent regarding their water quality. We deserved accurate and reliable water quality information which was created by non-biased testers.

But these utilities rarely know the quality of water that, after an incredibly long journey, finally is delivered through the faucet and into the glass. We are working to give customers the tools to test water on their own, thereby providing far more information than the water utilities are capable of providing themselves. Our personal water testing device, the TestDrop Pro, does just this. Working together, we can aggregate the information generated by the TestDrop to democratize water information on a global scale.