Lishtot - Water Technology - The first personal water test

Who We Are

LLishtot was built on one simple idea, that people should know whether their water is safe to drink. Founded in 2015, Lishtot has created and sells a set of products and services that empower people to make informed decisions about the water around them. Our approach is two-fold, both to make our affordable, user-friendly sensor technology accessible and to use the sensors to democratize water data by building a searchable Global Water Quality Map. The need to Know Your Water is especially acute today, with aging infrastructure, lead contamination, and chemicals entering our water sources.

Our Mission: Access to Clean

Our goal is universal access to clean water. We envision a world where every drop of water that people drink has been certified clean and safe. With the integration of Lishtot's sensor technology into existing water infrastructure, information about water quality will become accessible and quantifiable. This active monitoring will in turn allow utilities, bottlers, and homeowners to better control water quality and to provide access to demonstrably clean water.

Lishtot, like many technologies in history, is the result of an accidental discovery during a science experiment. Backed by a 17th century principle of science, modern literature reports, mountains of data, and years of research, we decided to found Lishtot and bring this technology to the world. At the very outset, we knew this technology had the power to change the way people know and interact with their water. Our dream is to bring water quality testing to the far reaches of the earth - from the sophisticated but aging water infrastructure of the West to the water stressed East. We will continue to release products that seamlessly integrate with your way of life, yet continue to give you quick, inexpensive, and accurate water quality data, contributing to a Global Water Map accessible to all.