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Have you ever wondered if your water is safe to drink NOW? Have you ever sent a water sample for lab testing and waited 10 days to get the results? Have you ever thought about helping people while generating a new source of income?

Test As A Service

That's why we are developing the 'Testing As a Service' model - for the first time people will be able to click a button on their phone and a water tester will come to their house, test their water, and they will get the results on the spot!

The water in your tap is not the same water all the time. Water that spent the night in a rusty pipe will not be the same as water that was in a plastic pipe, even the grid water sources could be changed during the day. Today, water is only tested at the source and it's usually tested by the water supplier who has a strong interest in making the test results look good.

Lishtot is going to change this - Lishtot's water testers will get advanced water testing devices that will test the water and send the testing results directly to their customers. The water testers will be trained remotely by Lishtot and they will be qualified for testing water in their communities.

Testing as a Service will help the people that need it the most. For the first time, people with low income will be able to test their water for an affordable price and the testers will be able to generate a new income source that will help them become successful micro-entrepreneurs.

From what we have learned, in many places, the responsibility for water supply and quality falls on the women. Water testing is not physical work and we will be happy to encourage female entrepreneurs to become water testers to help their communities.

The data that will be collected during the test will not only help the person who ordered the test, but it will also help us build a more accurate picture of the water quality in his community.

We WANT you to join us and help us make the world a better place! Please register now as a water tester!

Watch how the TestDrop works in different conditions