Know Your Water: Boil Water Advisories

June 20, 2018

You never know when your city will be under a Boil Water Advisory. Watch this video and learn all there is to know on how to handle the situation if it arrives in your own city.

Boil Water Advisories affect millions of people every year, with new Advisories being issued every day. While many of these are false alarms, many are not. These announcements, whether legitimate or not, disrupt the everyday lives of untold numbers of people. Many do not know how the Boil Water Advisory impacts them, how to respond, or how to get up-to-date information. In the case of a prolonged Boil Water Advisory, those affected can feel forgotten by the water authorities and local governments that are supposed to be protecting them. Visit to see how we track boil water advisories in real time.

Lishtot is encouraging those affected to view our map to learn more about the water quality in your area. Beyond that, our personal water tester, the TestDrop Pro, can detect an extensive list of contaminants to empower you with a fuller picture of conditions in your area. For more information or to place an order click here.

To read more about Boil Water Advisories, click here.