Know Your Water

Water is the source of life.

It is the most essential human need that almost everyone pays for.

Societies are built around water and millions set out in search of it each day. But few can say they know anything about the quality of the water they’re putting into their bodies.

That’s the idea Lishtot was built on – that people deserve to know what’s in their water.

Lishtot helps you test water before you drink it. In just a few seconds you can know if we find contaminants like lead, E. coli, pesticides, and PFOA.

With our personal water tester, you can test tap water, bottled water, and natural water from rivers and streams. Then connect to the app to track your detailed test history, submit your data to our Global Water Map, and upload video, pictures and comments.

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Our Idea

Lishtot was built on one simple idea; that people deserve to know what's in their water. Founded in 2015, our goal is to build a set of products and services that will empower people to make informed decisions about the water around them. Our approach is two-fold, both to make our affordable, user friendly sensor technology accessible and to use these sensors to democratize water data by building a searchable Global Water Map.

The Only Water App You’ll Ever Need

Check the likelihood that your water is contaminated. See your sampling history and the time and location of each test as well as a results graph.

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Our Mission

Our goal is universal access to clean water. We envision a world where every drop of water that people drink has been certified clean and safe. With the integration of Lishtot's sensor technology into existing water infrastructure, information about water quality will become accessible and quantifiable. This active monitoring will in turn allow utilities, bottlers, and homeowners to better control water quality and to provide access to demonstrably clean water.