Governor of Wisconsin Meets With Lishtot

March 25, 2018

The Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, along with a delegation of key stakeholders in the water sector in the State, were touring Israel and meeting with Israeli technology companies that could be useful in Wisconsin. Both governments and private-sector stakeholders intend to collaborate on water research.

Lishtot was humbled to have the opportunity to present our technology to the Governor and discuss the most pressing water issues of the day with him and his team. Wisonsin is a Great Lakes state, and borders Michigan, the site of Flint and one of the largest drinking water disasters in modern US history.

Wisconsin has a plentiful source of water, but with that plenty comes a great deal of responsibility and challenges with respect to managing it properly. Lishtot firmly believes that you cannot manage what you cannot measure, and our technology and sensors will be highly beneficial to helping the state, its municipalities, and its water utilities make better, more informed decisions about its drinking water.

For us, water contamination is beyond politics and it is extremely encouraging to see Wisconsin thinking proactively about how to solve their water challenges.

And one fun fact — our Chief Scientist and Co-founder, Dr. Alan Bauer, earned a PhD from the University of Wisconsin and remembers his time there fondly. So from all of us at Lishtot to the rest of University of Wisconsin community — GO BADGERS!