Everyone Pays for Water

March 25, 2018

At Lishtot we have a saying — "Water is the most essential human need that nearly everyone on the planet pays for."

This sentiment isn’t just a marketing ploy to sell more of our water contamination detectors. It is actually true, and not just for those who live in a developed nation, have a water utility, and receive a regular water bill. There are all kinds of prices for water, some that are subsidized, some unsubsidized — and reflecting the accurate cost of water, water treatment, and water delivery is an extremely important yet different issue.

But many around the world pay a different price for water. Forget the utility and the monthly bill — many in developing countries fetch water from rivers and streams and other natural resources, which is seemingly free. But at the time, instead of attending school, working, or caring for children, they’re walking miles to fetch the day’s water, which often is severely contaminated.

"Josefina (above) and Eudicia, both 12 years old, have to miss school up to four times a week in order to collect water."

There is a cost to water everywhere, and it’s not just dollars and cents but also a human cost. And it’s high time that people start considering this cost that everyone is paying for in one way or another. Our mission is to help people know the value and the quality of the water that they’re paying for, whether they’re sending money to a utility every month or walking miles and miles every day.

Credit: http://www.bbc.com/news/in-pictures-42567158