Know Your Water: Lead

May 1, 2018

Do you know what is in the water your children are drinking? Young children are particularly vulnerable to the toxic effects of lead that can be found in contaminated water. They can suffer profound and permanent adverse health effects, particularly affecting the development of the brain and nervous system. An easy way to prevent this is by checking your water to make sure it is free of contaminants before giving to your children!

According to the EPA, there is no safe level of exposure to lead. While the water crisis in Flint, Michigan raised national awareness, the problem of lead in drinking water is nationwide. Since you cannot see, taste, or smell lead dissolved in water, testing is the only sure way of telling whether there are harmful quantities of lead in your drinking water. Water testing is a crucial step in dealing with the problem of lead in drinking water and is even recommended by the EPA. Also, since each home has different plumbing, pipes, and materials, test results are likely to be different for each home. Our personal water tester, the TestDrop Pro, can efficiently detect the presence of lead in your water so you can be sure of conditions in your own home. For more information or to place an order click here.

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