Know Your Water: Bottled Water

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April 3, 2018

Do you know what is in the water your children are drinking? Young children are particularly vulnerable to the toxic effects of lead that can be found in contaminated water. They can suffer profound and permanent adverse health effects, particularly affecting the development of the brain and nervous system. An easy way to prevent this is by checking your water to make sure it is free of contaminants before giving to your children!

Of course, tap water is the most affordable source of water and has the lowest environmental impact. As such, the ideal outcome is for consumers to test with the TestDrop Pro and find they have high quality tap water. Unfortunately, that is not always the case and many consumers will turn to bottled water. While there is an expectation that bottled water is higher quality, the TestDrop Pro gives consumers the power to actually check that this is the case. For the first time, consumers can test a bottle of water before they open it, even before they buy it, quickly, easily, and affordably.

The process of testing water in a bottle is the same as the process of testing in a cup. The bottle does not need to be opened, simply move the TestDrop towards the bottle above the water line and release the but-ton when the device touches the bottle. If the water quality is good you will get a blue light and, if not, you will see a red light. To learn more about how to test bottled water, click here.

Our testing has shown that new bottles of water in the US are very unlikely to get a red result. However, bottled water that has been exposed to heat for a period of time can test red. This would be especially relevant for water bottles that have been left in hot cars.

Please note that it is important to test the bottle of water before you actually drink from it. Once you drink from it, the TestDrop Pro will likely show red because of the bacteria and proteins in your saliva which, though not dangerous to you, would be considered contamination by others.

Also note, the bottles from certain brands of bottled water look completely full with no visible airspace above the water line. In such cases, simply tilt the bottle until you see the air bubble and test above the now visible water line.

(From time to time, there have been certain types of bottled water that test red in the bottle but blue once poured into a cup. This can be a result of the type of bottle used.)

Though bottled water in the US is generally reliable, don’t forget to pack the TestDrop Pro when you travel outside the country. There are countries where fake bottled water is an industry in itself and consumers cannot trust that the water they are buying is free from contamination. Click here to read more about the epidemic of fake bottled water in India and how the TestDrop Pro can make a difference.