PFOA, or perfluorooctanoic acid, and PFOS, or perfluorooctane sulfonate, belong to a class of chemical called Perflourochemicals. There is a growing concern around the United States that the these chemicals have found their ways into American's bloodstreams, causing cancers, thyroid diseases, and rendering children's vaccinations significantly less effective. Recent studies have shown that these chemicals have been found in the drinking water systems of 27 U.S. states and in tap water servicing 15 million people. The chemicals are used in common products such as non-stick kitchen pans, but are also used in firefighting foam that utilized heavily by the military as well as some civilian groups. There are potentially 400 military bases around the US where local and nearby drinking water wells and supplies could be undergoing systemic contamination at levels significantly above lifetime safety limits for exposure. This is a serious problem and its development is ongoing. Lishtot is encouraging anyone who can to click to view our map to see if you are in an area that is potentially exposed. Beyond that, our TestDrop and TestDrop Pro do a fantastic job of detecting PFOA/PFOS. We are offering our products at a discount to those in affected zones. Our mission is to give a unified voice to all those potentially exposed to these harmful chemicals and to let the authorities know together that our drinking water needs to be protected, clean, and safe for us and our children.

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