Lishtot Technology

Lishtot technology uses electric fields to determine what high-quality water looks like. Contaminants, including bacteria, organics, heavy metals, pesticides, and toxins create distortions that are intercepted by our sensors.

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The technology is incredibly sensitive to anything that isn't supposed to be in water, including soap or saliva. At the same time, Lishtot technology does not get disrupted by the presence of things like soil, or compounds that are supposed to be in clean water such as salt or magnesium.

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Lishtot tests take just a few seconds to conduct and give immediate results, including a recommendation on whether to drink or not to drink the water. Data can be sent simultaneously to the smartphone app for further analysis. Lishtot is instantaneous when compared to other tests like plating for E. coli which can take up to 24 hours to get results.


Low Cost

Lishtot products are inexpensive and affordable, offering enhanced testing capabilities for a fraction of the cost of other machines. Once the original device is purchased, Lishtot tests are free. Heavy metals testing, laser mass spectrometers, and PCRs can cost thousands or millions of dollars for the equipment and multiple dollars per each individual test thats conducted.



Lishtot's technology can detect trace amounts of contaminants, including heavy metals and bacteria that are well within the parameters of the WHO and EPA. Our patented technology has been tested and verified by scientists and key organizations around the world.



Lishtot products are simple and straightforward. Our portable and stationary devices are designed specifically to be used by everyone who wants to know more about their water. With just a few actions on our hardware and inuitive features on our software, all of our users become scientists in Lishtot community.