We are a passionate team dedicated to seeing clean water available around the world. Founded in 2015, our goal is to build products that empower people with more information about their water.


Our Mission

We envision a world where every drop of water that people drink is certified clean and safe. With Lishtot sensor technology widely available, information on water quality and potential problems will be accessible and actively monitored by utilities, bottlers, and homeowners.


Our Vision

People do not know enough about their water, what is in it or where it comes from. Lishtot is changing that. by democratizing water data and giving people inexpensive and easy-to-use technology, our customers can make smart choices about this fundamental source of life on this planet.



Lishtot, like many technologies in history, is the result of an accidental discovery during a scientific experiment. Backed up by a 17th century principle of science, modern literature reports, mountains of data, and years of research, we decided to found Lishtot and bring this technology to the world. At the very outset, we knew this technology had the power to change the way people know and interact with their water. Our dream is to bring water quality testing to the far reaches of the earth - from sophisticated, but aging water infrastructure of the West, to the unsure bottled water and polluted rivers of the East. We will continue to release products that seamlessly integrate with your way of life, yet continue to give you quick, inexpensive, and accurate water quality data, contributing to a Global Water Map accessible to all. We thank you for your support and for visiting our website and we hope you will join us on our journey to Know Your Water.


Netanel Raisch, CEO & Co-Founder
Dr. Alan Bauer, Chief Scientist & Co-Founder