The TestDrop Pro - Don't Travel Without It!

You are on vacation, on your way to one of the most beautiful places on earth.

You stop walking to take a sip - but now you're worried "Is this water safe to drink? Is it going to ruin my whole trip?"

You have good reason to worry, many tourists and travelers come down with diarrhea but you can have peace of mind with the TestDrop Pro.

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The tap water in many countries is contaminated with viruses, bacteria, parasites, and disease-causing chemicals. Unfortunately, this is the case in many popular tourist destinations. This water is unsafe for drinking, preparing food and beverages, making ice, cooking, and even brushing teeth. It is therefore no surprise that an estimated 30-70% of travelers develop Travelers' Diarrhea (TD) from the contaminated water they encounter on vacation. Babies, children, the elderly, pregnant women, and people with compromised immune systems are especially susceptible.

Popular preventative measures are often not effective and many travelers who rely on bottled and boiled water still get sick. This is because bottled water around the world is often fake and the bottles are filled with the same contaminated water that's available for free from the tap. To take one example, studies found that an estimated 30% of bottled water in India is actually fake. Furthermore, even boiling and disinfection is often not sufficient to destroy all toxins and chemicals.

The most effective way for travelers to avoid TD is by constantly testing their water. With the TestDrop Pro, travelers are now able to do just that. Our consumer device is so portable it fits on a keychain and it can be used to test any type of water without ever touching the water. It can even test bottled water in a sealed bottled. And it's reusable for thousands of tests.

With the TestDrop Pro, travelers can travel the world with confidence.

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The TestDrop Pro is an essential tool for travelers and hikers. When you're not in your natural environment,you have no way of knowing the local water quality. But now you can test before you drink so you can enjoy your vacation instead of worrying about the water.

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Immediate Results

Test water and get the results in two seconds

To Drink or Not to Drink?

Get a Blue light if the TestDrop Pro does not detect contamination and a Red light if contamination is found. It is not recommended to drink water that gives a Red light

Detects Good Water

The embedded algorithm is programed to show Blue when the sensor detects uncontaminated water. Otherwise it shows Red.

Three Buttons for Three Testing Levels

Each button is programed to show Blue at a different level of water purity LEARN MORE>>

Test Water in Any Plastic Disposable Cup

You can use PP, PET or PS clean, new, disposable cups for testing LEARN MORE>>

Test in Non-Transparent Cups

The disposable plastic cup does not have to be transparent LEARN MORE>>

Test Bottled Water

You can test bottled water without opening it LEARN MORE>>

Do Not Test in Glass Containers

Glass cups are thicker than plastic. Also, when you wash your dishes the soap leaves residue which is detected as contamination.

Innovative Technology

3 granted US patents

Passive Testing

The TestDrop Pro does not transmit any signal, it senses the electric field created by the interaction between the water and the cup

Tested by Third Party Labs

Validated by independent third party labs along with many other people and companies

Lishtot App (Beta)

Get your water score and historical data about the water you tested

Battery Has a Long Life Span

Uses standard 2032 Energizer battery which lasts for 5000 tests

Take it With You Wherever You Go

Portable, keychain size device goes with you everywhere you go

Test for Heavy Metals

Including lead, copper, arsenic, cadmium and more

Test Pathogenic Bacteria

Such as E.coli by detecting the proteins they release in the water

Test for Chemicals

Such as PFOS, PFOA and pesticides

Easy to Use

Watch our 2 minute video and become an expert tester. WATCH NOW